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An Invitation to all Filipinos at home and abroad

We are happy to invite our friends, compatriots at home and around the world to visit our website on its official landing on November 18, 2013. We have several pages to cater your information and business needs. Of course our Home Page will be the welcoming page. It will be here where you can glimpse what is inside, what’s new and what opportunities it will bring your every visit. Our administrator is full time so we will be pursuing a daily download of new information to all our visitors. This website will be a news, magazine type, that would explore news and information, travel blogs, economics and politics, culture and history and personal adventures or our immigrants and OFW’s through out the globe. We also have business stores that would serve both the sellers and buyers at the Buyers and Sellers page. You can sell things with value such as real property and others related things and you can buy things up here, from crafts and jewelries to personal gadgets since this website is based in the US we can offer you new gadgets or even we will run errands for you on the newest quality products in the US. If you are a seller just contact us on what you wanted to post for sale here and if you are a buyer we have products displayed for sale and you can just put it in the cart and ready to checkout. People’s Blog is everybody’s corner we will accept links, articles and pictures with captions from our visitors. People and Places is dedicated to our immigrants and OFW around the world. So we will rediscover our Filipino identity by taking on a journey and going through all crossroads to our country and our new home abroad. MABUHAY!

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Updated: May 26, 2016 — 10:47 pm

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