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Banaue Rice terraces a gift of ingenious hands


Banaue Rice Terraces: Photo Courtesy from Department of Tourism

Banaue Rice Terraces: Photo Courtesy from Department of Tourism

Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao, is a UNESCO cultural protected site and is the oldest tourism favorite that still cap the most shares in tourism landings with its ancient enigma, the rice terraces. The 2,000 years old terraces made by the prehistoric Ifugaos in Northern Philippines vested all other natural wonders in the country, it was even considered as the 8th wonders in the ancient world.

The rice-farming platform has been the subject of wonderment and awe. It’s nestled in the lush green mountains of Banaue in the province of Ifugao. The terraces carved out from the side of the valley is a work of determination to live amid challenges of topography and geography.

The paddies down below catches the rain from the mountaintop to water the rice streamed through irrigated canals.

The famous rice paddies terraced from the top of the mountain down the slope to the grounds indicate a display of ingenuity of early humans and their harmony and fascination with nature.

Their creativity meant to address the need to survive in a mountainous dwellings, lead them to craft sustainable farming and responsible agriculture, an element that is lacking in today’s generation of farmers.

The lure it had offered to visitors has been embedded within their spirits as they move away to their next destinations. A glimpse of the wonders of the rice terraces is everlasting and the realization that early forebears did not only understood the harmony between humans and nature and their interdependence, but they did assume such responsibility to preserve the balance of ecology is a challenge to us.

The unmatched engineering prowess of the early builders was even more put to light by the nature of their hard work since it were all being built by hands.

Going to Banaue from Manila is easy with frequent daily bus hours from Manila. It is about 340 Kilometers from the beginning of the North Luzon Expressway, north of Manila, but travel time may be longer due to several blind curves and uphill climb towards the destination.

By air, Banaue can be reached from the capital via Baguio City with the daily flight schedules through the Manila International Airport at the domestic terminal.

Being in Banaue is an accomplishment itself just be yourself and maintain your kindred spirit, the locals are hospitable and friendly and were generally grateful for tourists since it has given them an industry apart from farming.

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