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Bohol: The province of Chocolate Hills

Chocalate Hills

Chocolate Hills of Carmen, Bohol by: Wikipedia @ CC

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol. The lime mounds in Central Bohol are a geographical mystery. The multitude of chocolate shaped earth and lime hills dotting the landscape has put the small island province of Bohol to tourism prominence as it metamorphosed into a full scale industry. By eking out even bigger tourism destinations, such as its white beaches and spa resorts in Panglao Island off the eastern edge of the province, Bohol is now the country’s major tourism destination.

Bohol also shelters the smallest mammal, the Tarsier, and the centuries-old churches. The Bohol river cruise also prides itself as the new interest of nature lovers.

The province of Bohol with its capital Tagbilaran City is located in the south of Cebu province some few miles from the north off Siquijor Island province.

The province is populated by a derivative Visayan stock, proud, hardworking and highly family oriented people. They are known as the wandering traders of native products always been regarded as “Bol-anon” in the various areas in Mindanao and even in the Southern Tagalog Regions.

Due to the rocky nature of Bohol’s topography agriculture in the area is limited to corn and some rice paddies. Fish is bountiful though that makes Bol-anons a proficient fishermen. The pottery and fiber industry thrive in Bohol since pre-history, it became a good source of income for its people and has, along the process, produced skilled craftsmen for the trade. But the influx of foreign visitors lured local residents to shift to the ever growing service industry that caters to tourism.

It has also enhanced agricultural production and elevated trading of goods where it occurs higher demands from tourists. The Chocolate Hills in Carmel Bohol are no doubt the traditional beacon for tourists, but the increase in rest and recreation and leisure tourism have driven thousands of Asian tourists, particularly Koreans and Japanese to Bohol’s pristine beaches and resorts in the Eastern enclave of Panglao Island.

There, cozy beaches with ultra modern amenities have edged even Cebu’s tourism destinations. Today, Bohol is on the top of its game raking in economic investments and trade and improved local economy that has benefited its local entrepreneurs.

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