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Cagayan de Oro City: The City of Sweet Smiles

The heart of Centrio: An oasis-like garden.

The city of golden friendship;  the city of gold; whatever you call Cagayan de Oro City, there is one common denominator to sum it all up, the city’s folks are friendly. So, I would rather call it the city of sweet smiles.

Cagayan de Oro City in northern Mindanao is a bustling metropolis, it is also  the set of government for the provincial government of Misamis Oriental. It’s the second largest city in Mindanao, next of course to Davao City in terms of land area. But the city is comparable to Davao in terms of economic activity, tourism and job opportunities.

Looking back on its hundreds of years of history, Cagayan was a piece of land in northern Mindanao which was made as an ‘encomienda” to a Spanish noble named Don Juan Griego on January 25, 1571.

Former Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez, who was one of the first notable Mindanaon in the 60’s appended “de Oro” to Cagayan. “De Oro” literally means ” Of Gold”. So that, Cagayan de Oro, had distinctively separated itself from the rest of other settlement who bears the same name.

Today, Cagayan de Oro City prides itself as the foremost White Water Rafting destinations through out the country. It is blessed with a downstream river that at the right time of the day would produce rapids suitable for White Water Rafting, a popular river sports that draw thousands of enthusiasts all over the world.

The Church of the Nazarene in front of Centrio just the eastern side of Gaisano.

It’s also the regional center of northern Mindanao region, so it has become the hub of commerce and trade encompassing the northern corridor that includes the provinces as far as the Zamboanga Penisula in the west to the Surigao provinces and the CARAGA region on the east. Drawing even the entire regions of central Mindanao to the fold of its burgeoning economy.

Cagayan de Oro City epitomizes the resilience and enterprising spirits of Filipinos, who even on the face of oppression and tyranny from the past, and the present constancy of fear and trepidation–being seated on the erratic Mindanao peace and security situation, its people has risen from paranoia and moved to scale up to the ladder to economic prosperity.

The busy commuters wiggle their way into the transport system.

Favored by the construction of the new Laguindingan International Airport, just a few kilometers from the east, Cagayan de Oro now bustled the air travel industry, raking in millions of visitors annually to northern Mindanao’s varied tourism destinations. It has become the portal to the gates of Camiguin Island’s resort paradise, Bukidnon’s mountain resorts, and the natural wonders of the Lanao and Misamis provinces.

It’s easy to navigate the city’s complex city and national roads, with the ease of travel due to the tech’s prominent advancement. Just Google it, so to speak, Dayon kamo sa Cagayan de Oro and enjoy your stay!

Smiling CDO

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