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Latest happening of Filipino Communities in the different parts of the globe

CONGRATULATIONS, Hudyaka Zanorte in Chicago!

Trophies up fro grab during sporting events One of the tent representing a barangay The people of Zamboanga del Norte is one Filipino group in the United States, that not only seeks unity among its compatriots but also promotes understanding among its varied people. Today, they have commemorated the homegrown HUDYAKA FESTIVAL Chicago version, a once popular […]

OFW’s and Migrant Filipinos: The Rise of the new Middle Class

OFW's and Migrant Filipinos: The Rise of the new Middle Class

Outward migration of Filipinos has been recorded even in Pre-Hispanic times, whether it is voluntary or by force, through piracy and slavery during the rise of tribal Philippines–long before the western powers came to conquer us. The Philippines before the Spaniards was considered tribal with each island having their own set of laws, leaders, language […]

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