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Iligan City: The City of Majestic Falls


The set of government of the highly urbanized Iligan City.

There’s no other city in the country that holds the record number of waterfalls. Iligan City, that’s her, the city of majestic water falls. At the latest count, it has 24 all in all that spread through out the hilly parts in the city, including of course, the grandest of ’em all, which is the Maria Cristina Falls.

Once a part of Region 12, Iligan City now nestled in the bustling northern Mindanao corridor as a highly urbanized center. It’s geographically a part of Lanao del Norte but because of its urbanized status it has been independently governed by the city as an urbanized local government unit.

In a not so distant past, Iligan City is also known as the industrial city of Mindanao being the host of the largest steel processing plant in the country, the National Steel Corporation. It also hosts various other industrial plants such as cement, paper, and other industrial and chemical products, which is currently sprouting throughout the eastern fringes of the city near the boundary of the municipality of Lugait in nearby Misamis Oriental.


Maria Cristina Falls, the grandest falls in Iligan.

Today, Iligan City is standing proud of its roots, not only of her past glory but on the brighter side for the future ahead. With more than 300,000 dynamic population and with varied backgrounds and religious ethnicity, Iligan City succeeded in unifying a diverse population bound by common pursuit, which is progress and development.

Food is heavenly in Iligan. The thriving Maranao populations have their kitchen supreme with Halal foods. Non-pork eaters can find the various curry-based viands through out Iligan City, most of them grated with coconut and with the locally abundant Turmeric.The Kuning or yellow rice is a rice and turmeric mix which has became a staple food for Maranao people in Lanao.

The Christians’ delectable lechon is a primordial display on every “carenderia” (local fastfood) in the city. You should take a bite on the crunchy pork skin.


One of NPC’s generating station, the Agus 4 in Ditucalan.

Tourism is a catch in Iligan. The sprouting spring-based swimmers’ delight such as the Timoga Springs along the eastern gate, and the upland Tinago Falls, offer a refresh and reprieve of the punishing heat from the changing climate. Thousands drove to these destinations during weekends that would peak on the heat of summer. Iligan City is a place not to be missed on your way to discover the glorious Philippine destinations.

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