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Banaue Rice terraces a gift of ingenious hands

Share the post “Banaue Rice terraces a gift of ingenious hands” FacebookE-mail   Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao, is a UNESCO cultural protected site and is the oldest tourism favorite that still cap the most shares in tourism landings with its ancient enigma, the rice terraces. The 2,000 years old terraces made by the prehistoric Ifugaos […]

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Bohol: The province of Chocolate Hills

Share the post “Bohol: The province of Chocolate Hills” FacebookE-mail The Chocolate Hills of Bohol. The lime mounds in Central Bohol are a geographical mystery. The multitude of chocolate shaped earth and lime hills dotting the landscape has put the small island province of Bohol to tourism prominence as it metamorphosed into a full scale […]


Luneta: It’s the beginning of every journey

Share the post “Luneta: It’s the beginning of every journey” FacebookE-mail Paseo de Luneta is not just a historical place in the Philippines, formerly known as Nuevo Barrio (Bagumbayan) before it was inaugurated in 1820. It is now officially called the RIzal Park. It sets in a sprawling real property in the western edge of […]


Philippines: A prized living environs

Share the post “Philippines: A prized living environs” FacebookE-mail At the summit of all our sacrifices in life, and as we toiled on our workplaces, contending with the daily redundant grinds of living, we pause for a while and surmise of what awaits us in the future. We are certain though, that there would come […]


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