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Love, life, music and the daily grind

Filipinos are resilient type, disaster survivors, poverty stricken- but not overshadowed and cast out from the ditch from the misery it brings. Doesn’t you realized it’s love is the cornerstone of our culture? So many stories how we just made all the bad things that come our way into stride, came up on social media.  Death, destruction, displacement from nature’s wrath; grieve the maladies of human corruption and violence; but we still manage to pinch a smile, isn’t it strange?

musicsWell, other cultures wondered how we surmised everything that is pitch black and negative, as just another test of our people’s resilience.

There must be something within our psyche that builds this kind of personality over time. Along the dark corners of our past there must have been a some  kind of experience that dented our soul and in there built a spirit strong enough to withstand the human stains and nature’s wrecking force.

We are Filipinos and we are unique, we are a kindred spirit. We can put on a happy face in the face of adversity and destruction. Typhoon Haiyan proved that. But why?

Because we value love and we live life, whatever it offers and most of all, we love MUSIC. The three things that are not bound to change even as modernity warp our senses.

Love and music are boundless and infinite, no rules in this world can define it. No time can ever measure it because love and music are the language of nature. It’s already there even before the world as we knew it came into being, in fact love and music could have been the most important ingredient of life.

As we navigate the daily noise and grinds of daily life, we have in our soul’s armor the value of love and the richness of our soul’s quest for music. We can face adversity because these three important factors of human strength have been built inside our cultural psyche.

It is of no wonder why Filipinos love soap opera, whether it was on the radio in the past and the current craze in television today. The rhythm of the past from Kundiman, Soft Folk Rock, Harana, Classy Jazz and Love songs past and current.

Our past time have been with that of partaking of songs from Guitar sessions to the more admirable Karaoke in the present. We are a music buff from our own Filipino melodies to the flexibility of taste, to that of foreign blends. We are who we are, live the life, valued love and stride through music all the challenges that we faced on the daily grinds of life.

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Updated: March 20, 2017 — 5:45 pm

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