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Philippines: A prized living environs

The emerging beach surfing arena in Northern Luzon, spices up the young at heart

At the summit of all our sacrifices in life, and as we toiled on our workplaces, contending with the daily redundant grinds of living, we pause for a while and surmise of what awaits us in the future.

We are certain though, that there would come an adventure of a lifetime ahead of us. That in a proper time we will cease working and just do what things we really like to do, and thought of what we really are all about. Retirement  from work, is what has been the subject of anticipation from working people all around the world.

We work hard, save more, and hold our secure investments in anticipation of a good retired life in the future. We are not tycoons, billionaires, that would at one instance, take a super-doper vacation anywhere in the world.

But we are ordinary salary-based individuals, and we are also looking forward to our own idea of paradise, destinations that await us, places that is being woven from our dreams. Some looked for tropical islands, others prefer mountain resorts and others a garden by the lake.


The Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Most of us dreamed of beautiful and amazing sunsets while sipping on ice cold tequila or margarita. The peaceful, serene environs that would cloth our peaceful day. Spending the rest of our lives with the one we truly loved, and the places we dreamed about, the environs that would bring forth freedom to our soul. Achieving that day in the future begins today as we prepare the most basic requirements to attain that goal.

The foremost mountain resort in Mindanao. Dahilayan Mountain Resort.

One of such destination is The Philippines, a tropical country with thousands of big and small islands, nestled in the Far East. The pearl of the orient seas as they call it. Beautiful sunsets, draped with white powdery beaches and clear blue oceans and skies. It’s perfect for vacationers and retirees alike.

From the rugged north to the mystique south, the Philippines were called home by thousands of foreigners who have already settled in the country. The home they would be spending the rest of their lives on. It’s a prize, a reward after years of just going to work, ultimately peace and serenity in an abode drawn out from your dreams of paradise living.

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Updated: March 17, 2017 — 9:49 am

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