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The beauty of Negros Oriental

Enchanting Malabo Falls, Valencia, Negros Ofriental

Enchanting Malabo Falls, Valencia, Negros Ofriental

The province, which is a little over one hour travel by fast Craft, a catamaran type sea vessel from Mindanao’s western gate in Dapitan has presented allure on my travelling appetite back then. The capital Dumaguete, a laid back urban metropolis with a touch of western glamour has presented itself as a suburban substitute for Caucasian expatriates living in the areas for more than a century.

Located in the south eastern side of Negros Island, the third largest island in the country, the province is endowed with natural beauty and rich flora and fauna. Famous for marine wonders such as the Apo Corrals, a famous site dive for foreign and locals alike, and of course the whale and dolphin watching in Tañon Strait between Negros and Cebu Island.

A good friend and confidante now based in Dumaguete Ms. Trexie Jumalon Bala shared some pictures of her adventurous spirit to some of tourism destinations in Negros Oriental. Trexie worked as a call center agent in Dumaguete City. She formerly worked with me as reporter and later on as information staff at the Zamboanga del Norte provincial capitol in 2003-2007.

I have good memories of the place like the Wuthering Heights in San Jose, the old bell tower near the catholic cathedral in Dumaguete City and had a peaceful vacation at Bacong, Negros Oriental courtesy of the Aurea Family. I had traversed its long highway from Dumaguete City to Bacolod via Mabinay with my two sons on our way to Boracay in 2010. We also witnessed the Buglasan Festival in 2004, their famous festival every October with former boss Governor Rolando Yebes of Zamboanga del Norte and friend Atty. Ivan Ang.

Such a nice place to be all year round.  The beauty of Negros Oriental, I was once a captive of her beauty.

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