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The way forward

The Banaue Rice Terraces in Northern Philippines: Symbol of Filipino ingenuity and hard work.

The Banaue Rice Terraces in Northern Philippines: Symbol of Filipino ingenuity and hard work.

As my service to our country and our countrymen, I have envisioned a website, one that promote a united Filipino people, both at home and abroad. I hope this would become a simple tool of learning and rediscovery and knowing the different potentialities of our country; its places and people, indigenous products, cultural heritage and natural paradise endowed to us by the mother nature and God. It would also try to evoke recognition of present challenges now facing our country and the crossroads it has presented on us. Where to go and to identify the right way forward?

It is a fact that as we are geographically fragmented, making us a country of 7,100 islands it has also reflects our regionalistic attitude, our tendency to be divergent with other islanders. It is understandable because we have varied cultures and belief systems, and that tendency to be closer to our culture brothers have provided us survival and build-up the peer trusts especially to Filipinos abroad. It has also brought to ourselves the realization on our own uniqueness. Our indomitable national spirit as one people binds us on concerns that confront us as a people in general.

Filipino nurses in Saudi Arabia. Adapting to that country's costume.

Filipino nurses in Saudi Arabia. Adapting to that country’s costume.

It is also a fact that even abroad, our regionalist outlook prevails, as we tend to associate ourselves or cling on with our regional or tribal identities. Associations of Bicolanos, Cebuanos, Pampangos and other regional or tribal grouping in the United States in Europe and even in OFW strongholds such as the Middle East, Singapore and other destinations. Even our Muslim brothers also have their varied ethnicity. This phenomenon is common that some host communities abroad are confused who are we as Filipinos? Some of them out of confusion mistaken regionalistic Filipinos like Tagalog, Visayan and other regional tribes the same as a separate nationality losing the national Filipino identity in the process. Our tendency to promote our regionalistic or provincial identities have compromised our national identity.

It may be a sad reality that this seeming disunity have brought us apart from our fellow Filipinos. Hence,this site will offer our beloved people to rediscover our own place; its history and its present value, our interdependence as one people and our connectivity with one another. In this process it would provide us hope and dignity before the eyes of the world that despite our seeming differences; one distinction about our national psyche is that we have one very special trait in common.

The People Power in 1986} Testament that we can be united in when the time calls for change.

The People Power in 1986} Testament that we can be united in when the time calls for change.

We tend to go and fight as one people, we are resilient in times of trying and challenging disasters We cling to one another in a far away strange land and culture and yes, we are one in threading the path to national unity. This site would then be taking this challenging task to highlight our different cultures, dialects and visions and our potentials, our pride and spirit to promote a united and One Philippines, with One proud people.

Through rediscovering our history, this could supplant our present and future. And by confronting the hard reality of the pressing social and political issues now confronting our nation, we can have the right grasp on the road to take which is the right way forward. Through this portal, we can also discover our common roots and our place in history. We can discover amazing adventures and lovable destinations we never have access before. We will realize that we have no one to rely on, except our brothers and sisters, all one Filipinos, and there is only one paradise our native home, the PHILIPPINES.

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Updated: June 27, 2014 — 2:54 pm

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